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Our Services

FonderGate is your partner to improve your online presence and find new opportunities for growth.

Web Insights

Make sure your online presence is aligned with your business and market objectives through hands-on advice and focused actions.

Improved Positioning

Attract more customers through better online visibility, improved rankings on search engines, and increased presence in your target audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Add a successful stock free cross-selling strategy to your core business by recommending complementary products to your customer base.

Online Strategy & Design

Implementing together your online presence, from developing your business website to positioning your company in the right Social Media.

Training & workshops

From general courses on online visibility to in-house workshops tailored to your specific needs, we can provide the training that suits your needs.

Our Clients

Our clients are entrepreneurs, start-ups and small sized companies who would like to create or improve their online presence.

FounderGate will enable you to:

  • Increase your online visibility in order to reach out to a larger customer base.
  • Improve your existing customer base loyalty.
  • Complement your existing revenue stream through additional targeted product sales from other online partners.
  • Expand your online business acumen through customized different training opportunities.

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